The First Official All Black Mural Festival In The World

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Hermela Hailu

Eighteen-year-old Hermela Hailu works on her mural that reads "Free Mine" on June 19. Photo by Nell Salzman in Westword

Toluwanimi Obiwole

Artist Toluwanimi Obiwole puts finishing touches on her painting for the Black Love Mural Festival at Civic Center Park June 18, 2020. (Andy Cross, The Denver Post)

Vincent Gordon

Artist Vincent Gordon puts the finishing touches on his painting as part of the Black Love Mural Festival at Civic Center park June 18, 2020. (Andy Cross, The Denver Post)

Ki'erre Dawkins

Dawkins, who is originally from Mississippi but has called Denver home for the last two years, filled his large mural with pop culture and political imagery.

While people marched and chanted behind behind him on Thursday afternoon (at the protests), artist Kierre Dawkins quietly worked on something just as deafening.

Esteban L. Hernandez of the Denverite

“We want to connect with artists and build a community,” Gray says. “This is something that we want to do again and again. We want to always give black artists an opportunity to express themselves.”

Robert Gray quoted in the Westword

What started with volunteers spraying “Black Lives Matter” on temporary plywood boxes became a full-fledged exhibit in Denver’s Civic Center park.

Lauren Irwin of the Colorado Sun